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Founder, Shane Bushman

Treehouse Photography founder, owner and photographer Shane Bushman is world-reknowned for his talents in photography and image making. After studying digital arts and photography in South Florida, he quickly moved on to applying his photographic skills in the local circuit.  His experience continued throughout the United States while traveling and shooting everywhere from New York and California to Alaska and Hawaii. With his extensive education and over 20 years of professional real world experience, Shane has honed his photography skills to be some of the best and most sought-after in the industry. He has personally photographed over 3,300 clients in personal one-on-one photo sessions and is adding more to his portfolio every day! Shane's professional photography is used in magazines, modeling portfolios, websites, corporate materials, product packaging and more.

With so much competition in these fields what makes Treehouse Photography stand above the rest? It's how the pictures are taken. Since the advent of digital photography and the slow demise of tradtional film a new advantage was born: shooting in the RAW format.  This (albeit more time consuming) process allows unparalleled levels of image manipulation and refinement after the shoot. The result is punchy magazine-ready art that film and traditional digital output simply can't match in color and resolution.

Treehouse Photography is your most qualified choice for professional imaging. We employ a serious work ethic and strive toward quality and total satisfaction. We are extremely flexible and accommodating to work with; we will come to you to shoot your photos, or suggest one of our favorite on-site locations as prime backdrops for your session.

Shane Bushman

Photography everywhere!

Aside from personal portrait photography, modeling shoots, and product photography, my other passion is nature and wildlife photography. Check out some of my recent travels below for great photos from around the world!

News and events

Update: 18 Mar 2012
Europe, here we go!
A few photography excursions here and there to the northern states, and a big trip planned to western Europe this fall! Stay tuned for updates!

Update: 30 Aug 2010
Martha's Vineyard AND St. Thomas?
Just back from two completely different islands! Met another fantastic photographer, Peter Simon, brother of Carly Simon! The US Virgin Islands were incredible, St. Thomas and St. John, check out my photos from those trips!

Update: 25 Jun 2010
Back from California!
Just back from a photography expedition at the California coast. Check out my latest images on Alcatraz, Monterrey, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, and Napa Valley!

Update: 1 Feb 2010
Back from Beantown!
Winter in New England is quite beautiful, and has a whole different atmosphere than the other seasons. Look to see my photos from downtown Boston with all the historical sights, including Charles River!