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Commonly asked questions about our Private Photography Sessions

What does my mobile photo session include?

Your Treehouse Photography mobile photo session will include a private photographer at your local location of choice for approximately 1-2 hours. During that time roughly 100+ shots will be taken. You can choose to change attire up to three times during the shoot, time providing and additional locations may be added for a small fee.

Where can I take my photos?

Your session can take place anywhere so long as it is legal, safe and local. Public parks, riding grounds, private recreational areas and even your home are all great locations. Try to pick an area that has a variety of scenery and free access so that your shoot can be dynamic and natural. Late afternoon is the best time for outdoor shooting because of the subdued warm sunlight. We can shoot anywhere at any time, but you will always get better results later in the day compared to mid-day. Also remember to keep an eye on the weather. A rainy day isn’t the best choice for an outdoor shoot.

How do you shoot the photos?

We only shoot in the RAW. This means there will be less fiddling with settings, lighting, and test shots during your shoot but it will increase the time between your photo day and when your pictures get posted to the client web site. A digital RAW file is similar to a traditional negative. It allows the photographer to adjust for lighting, color, contrast and clarity in the digital lab, after the shot has been taken. This means you’ll get photos that are warm, punchy and have a magazine quality to them. Most photographers will not take the time to work in RAW format because the workload is more difficult and takes roughly 5 times as long to complete. We’re sure you’ll agree the benefits are worth it though. Side by side traditional digital photography simply cannot compare.

We’re also not afraid to get creative with your photo shoot and you shouldn’t be either. If you’re doing action shots it’s great to freeze the action all the time but we can also try some panning shots - a technique that intentionally blurs parts of the image to create a sense of speed and excitement. Depending on the location we can also experiment with radical lighting and shadow. Don’t be afraid to express your creative ideas. That’s how some of the best images are made – by taking chances.

Can you touch up my photos?

We are also image processing specialists. That means yes, we can touch up your photos if necessary. When you order a print of an image photoshop service is included with the cost of the print. If you order a CD of images you can pick your 5 favorite images to have photoshop service done. Additional images can be retouched or enhanced for a small fee as well. We can also make a large painting of your images on gallery style canvas. This is an exciting new technique where your favorite image is literally brush painted digitally with various media and then transferred to a giclee (digitally produced canvas). The final result looks just like a traditional oil painting but has the flexibility of greater longevity and resistance to UV, reproducibility (identical copies can be made), and no need for extensive drying or curing time. These have been extremely popular and clients are now enjoying exciting large format artwork that can be passed down from one generation to the next. There simply are no limits when you work digitally!

I've got more questions... who do I call?

If you have further questions about your personal photography session please don’t hesitate to contact Shane at 954-303-8881. Good luck and let’s have fun!



How can I order photos?

Our online ordering system is not yet active, so until then our photos may be purchased by emailing or by calling us at 954-303-881.

Clothing & Makeup Advice

What to Wear During Your Shoot
While we can make anything work, if it's your absolute favorite outfit, it is recommended that you avoid very bright white clothing, or very dark black clothing due to a tendency for it to wash out the pictures.

For women, it is also advisable to avoid sleeveless ensembles. Sleeveless tops have a tendency to exaggerate the size of the upper arm in photos.

Makeup and Jewelry

Some clients prefer to have their makeup professionally done before their photo shoot; others will do it themselves. In either case, it is ill-advised to apply darker or more pronounced makeup than you normally do everyday. The broad and bright exterior lighting of an outdoor shoot will make it very apparent if you are wearing too much.

As far as jewelry goes, the same advice applies. Wear what you would normally, and don't overthink it. It is rare that extra makeup or jewelry will significantly improve a photo shoot. However, some shoots may be compromised if you spend too much time concentrating on these areas.

You may want to coordinate your footwear with the rest of your outfit, and that is encouraged; however images will be concentrating on the face and body, and not the feet, so don't put too much weight on how the shoes play into your look. Heels will also change the way women stand and may make them appear slimmer, but may make it difficult to walk in sand or grass, so keep that in mind.